Second Sunday – Jillian Kerr, May 8th

Jillian Kerr

Maison Baguettes, 381 Montreal Rd. in Vanier on May 8th from 1 to 3 pm

Its “Pass the Hat” so no tickets are required.

It’s a sunny and bright cafe with wonderful bakery bread, treats, homemade soups and sandwiches. And now live music!

Jillian writes lyrics that listeners can relate to, but weaves in hints of mystery in each song. Her songs speak to a depth beyond her years as a songwriter. Her most intriguing quality stems from her unique and soothing voice that leaves audiences wanting more. She has been described as sounding “like a cross between Sarah McLachlan and Alanis Morissette” and yet still has a touch of something all her own.

Jillian just completed her final year at Carleton University to obtain a Bachelor of Music Honours degree. Her EP, titled Dreams, was released last summer. She’ll have copies with her so you can take home a little of her music.

Jillian Kerr

Ron Mills at Sounds Simple April 14th

Thursday, April 14th Ron Mills wraps up the Sounds Simple Series

Black and white photo of Ron Mills playing guitar

At the Wellington Eatery, 1008 Wellington West, 7 to 9:30 pm

Ron Mills write songs, really good songs. His songs will have you chuckling, thinking about that someone special, or remembering when you were out for a walk in the valley.

Some of his songs are bluesy, some are folksy, some are a little on the country side, some are slow and wistful and some are light and lively.  They’re all great. Oh yeah, and then there is his

He doesn’t have a CD out yet but he certainly has enough songs for one. There are rumours of an upcoming CD release but those rumour keep floating about, never settling down.

If you want to hear Ron’s music, and I promise you that you do, you’ll have to come out and hear it!

Second Sundays – Howie Hooper

Howie Hooper at Maison Baguettes, 381 Montreal Rd.

Sunday, April 10th from 1 to 3 pm

Howie blends the sounds and rhythms of new country with the traditional country he grew up playing. With a deep voice and unique outlook, he offers you touching stories and memorable choruses that hit you squarely in the chest.

His CD “Past Due” is just that and after you hear him you’ll be waiting for its release so you can have your own copy!

Howie Hooper with his guitar




Roland Doucet & Peter Woods at Sounds Simple on April 7th

Roland Doucet


If you’ve been out to Greg Kelly’s Tunes After Noon on a Saturday afternoon, you might have heard a song or two from Roland. He sure knows his way around the fingerboard of a guitar. Performing since he was 14 years old, he’s got flair and style. A great night of classic New Orleans-inspired jazz and blues covers to relax and enjoy!

Here’s some exciting news to add to that good news! Peter Woods is joining Roland and he’s bringing his sax. Just think about how amazing this will be!!

They don’t have anything recorded to share with you. You need to come hear it in person. You won’t be disappointed!

Here we get a whole evening of this wonderful music in a listening room environment. Can’t wait!!

Thursday, March 31st – Leonard Youngfoot

At the Wellington Eatery, Thursday, March 31st, 7 – 9:30 pm

I’ve been asked several times…when is Leonard Youngfoot playing? All those who heard Leonard’s debut performance at last winter’s Sounds Simple series are looking forward to hearing him again. Don’t miss it! 

Leonard Youngfoot is the solo project of Derek Atkinson, a singer-songwriter in Loon Choir. Combining covers of classics you know and love with his wonderful original tunes, Leonard brings a great show. 

Here’s an original from Leonard, Heartache

Listen to Leonard Youngfoot on Canadian Spaces this past Saturday, beginning at 106:30 (but really, the whole show is worth a listen!). 

Leonard Youngfoot on CKCU

March 24th – Cody Labombard with Benjamin Dakota Rogers opening

Cody Labombard joins us for two solo sets!


An original melodic mix of folk, rock, and blues, Cody Labombard’s powerful vocals and catchy guitar melodies will catch your ear.  His music is  a mix of “Old school” influences  with an up-beat feel and ever positive attitude. 

He’s busy putting together his first full album. We’ll be sure to hear some of it!!

On March 24th, come hear Cody’s distinctive voice and his great original tunes!!   (click his photo to have a listen)

Benjamin Dakota Rogers, from Brantford, stops in for an opening set!

Benjamin Dakota Rogers

Benjamin’s unique voice is captivatingly different and his lyrics speak of an old soul. Combining fiddle, guitar and mandolin he creates folk music that draws you in with stories and poetry delivered with passion. His hard driving fiddling leads to powerful folk with a contemporary edge

Two time CFMA nominee for Young Performer of the Year and ISC winner Benjamin Dakota Rogers is a multi-instrumentalist, singer songwriter and composer. His song, “Beautiful Mess”, in a finalist in the well-respected International Songwriting competition.

He’s currently working on his second full length album, due out later this year.