Ali McCormick album release show at Irene’s Pub, with Fluffy Little Cowboys

Ali McCormick releases her third full-length album “That Place You Know” in the midst of a Nationwide Tour.

Though the body has ventured across the land, the soul has never strayed far from her childhood homestead. Ali McCormick offers up her most personal offering to date with That  Place You Know, her third album.

A true wilderness wordsmith, Ali populates her music with colourful characters you enjoy spending time with. Rooted in folk, songs like “Tackle Box, Saw, Chain and a Knife” and “The Woodstove” show the road at the end of a long tour now leads to her own cozy clearing on an island sheep farm.

That Place You Know, like 2014’s self-titled recording and 2016’s Clean Water, is full of tasty, road-tested songs. Brimming with youthful hijinks and wild days at the midway,  there are also cherished moments spent at home in the warm caress of love. One would expect no less from The Lioness of Lanark County.

“The lovely “Lioness of Lanark,” Ali McCormick, is equipped with an endless supply of energy and charm. Ali delivers carefully crafted lyrics with an unforgettable voice…then sweetens you up with the perfect melody. Ali’s music is fun-loving and full of quality storytelling. By the end of the show, you’ll know her quite well, and chances are, you’ll be a big fan.”- Paulina Hebrak, The Kemptville Advance


  1. All I Feel
  2. Midway
  3. Woo-Hoo
  4. Holy Sh#@! Handles
  5. Fishin’ Hole
  6. Calgary Goodbye
  7. Tacklebox, Saw, Chain & a Knife
  8. Tape Deck
  9. The Woodstove
  10. Rearview Mirror
  11. Bear on a Bike
  12. Rest Your Sweet Little Head

Ali McCormick – All I Feel [Official Music Video]

Live Video “Tackle Box, Saw, Chain & a Knife”

Fluffy Little Cowboys 

The women in Fluffy Little Cowboys are no angels; what they are is a fiery, focused trio with an eclectic sound that’s incredibly compelling but almost impossible to categorize.

Some call it alternative East Coast, but you’ll also hear tinges of country, roots, trad, and blues… then there’s the rhythmic spoken word and punk rock piss-and-vinegar. Trying to identify every influence is like trying to pick out every poke of a full-sleeve tattoo.

The Fluffy’s recent album, No Angel, was produced by PEI wunderkind Nathan Wiley and features Doobie Brothers drummer Ed Toth, the lyrical content is weighty, tackling combustible subjects head-on, hitting like a musical Molotov cocktail; however, at their core is a message of empowerment & inclusion.

Fluffy Little Cowboys are a lot of things, but put simply, they are an edgy group of passionate performers who love to make great music.

Happy Road – Fluffy Little Cowboys

We’re Not Gonna Take It – Twisted Sister cover by Fluffy Little Cowboys