Ali McCormick’s Birthday Bash


Saturday, January 20th at Irene’s Pub, 9:00 pm

“Ali McCormick is a wordsmith of the wilderness, whose vivid characters reveal the subtle sophistication of rural ethos. A mechanic of the heart, Ali twists all its nuts and bolts; shifting gears rhythmically through a fine-tuned collection of songs…

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Opening Act
Aly Marguerite of Old Time Honey,
host of Montreal’s hit show “Chick Pickin’ Mondays”, will be performing to get things started.

“From the streets to the circus, Aly’s style of romance and raw roots music from times forgotten intertwine intricately to create an original sound that is heavily layered with nostalgia…

Special Guests:
Ottawa’s own Ron Mills!
Ron Mills songs are blend of folk, old country, blues and storytelling music that reflects his Northern Ontario upbringing. An artist not to be missed.

Jazmyn Wykes of “Champaign Sundays” from Ottawa On!

Irene’s Pub, 885 Bank St. Ottawa ON