Girls to the Front March 19th

The next Girls to the Front Songwriters Circle, hosted by Julie Corrigan, features Juno Nominated Roxanne Potvin & the Ottawa Valley’s own, Vicki Brittle

Monday March 19th @ Irene’s Pub 8 pm

Roxanne Potvin

“Can’t stop a bird from singing / Can’t blame a girl for dreaming”

Those words echo throughout Roxanne Potvin’s latest album, a highly personal and deeply affecting return for the Montreal-based singer/songwriter and guitarist after a five-year break from recording. It was a period of experimentation and study for Potvin, resulting in For Dreaming building upon the quiet intensity displayed on several tracks from her 2011 album Play.

“The intimacy of the recording matches the closeness examined in the lyrics, whether its between a couple, or in solitude, the closeness with your thoughts being alone. The beauty, well, that’s the sound of somebody who has learned how to make the sounds in her heart come alive.” Bob Mersereau, Top 100 Canadian singles

“A voice like melted butter on mashed potatoes.” – Rich Terfry (aka Buck 65), CBC Radio 2 Drive


Vicki Brittle

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