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Artist Management

As music managers we listen. We listen to your music, your ideas, your dreams and your goals until we understand your vision of success. We translate that vision into your key goal(s). Then we work with you to develop a flexible plan to reach those goals. 

That’s not the end. It’s only the beginning. Once we have the plan, we are there with you, supporting you all along the way as things change, because we know they will. We’re off and running, adapting as we go. 

We work both with you and for you.  We’ll work together on marketing, promotion, building your fan base, merchandise, your calendar, distributing your music, budgeting, grant writing, showcasing, touring or any of the myriad of tasks involved in running your music career. When you need us, we’re there. Along the way we help develop and manage your key relationships. 

Whether you work with us for one event or for your developing career, our approach is friendly, open and honest. We delight in seeing your career in music grow and flourish. 

Let’s not forget business management, the number crunching, the contracts and the bookkeeping. Your ability to pursue your music depends on sound financial management. That’s one of the important roles we play as managers – working hard to keep your finances healthy and on track. 

All good plans need regular review and adjustment as the market, the opportunities, your music and your artistic needs dictate while keeping your goals in sight. That’s where our strength lies. We manage the ever changing plan and all the details and challenges that go with it, allowing you to focus on creating the music you love. 

Looking forward to working with you! 

Trish Bolechowsky

RedLeaf Music is a member of:

Ottawa Music Industry Coalition – MIC 

Canadian Independent Music Association – CIMA 

Folk Music Ontario – Folk Music Ontario 

Folk Alliance International – Folk Alliance International

Music Managers Forum – Music Managers Forum 

Music Ontario – Music Ontario 

SOCAN (as a presenter) – SOCAN

Trish Bolechowsky smiling and outdoors

About Trish Bolechowsky


After becoming increasingly involved in the local music scene, Trish stepped gingerly into the role of music manager at the request of an artist. Finding her footing there, she went on to work with several emerging folk artists through what became RedLeaf Music, which she founded in Ottawa in early 2014.

Along with offering stand-alone career consultations, Trish is an artist manager for independent artists. She helps artists get the business side of their music career organized and working for them using her formal Project Management training and her small business experience.

She’s an active volunteer in the music community. She is an organizer (currently crew leader or Hat) for the Blue Skies Music Festival in Ontario. RedLeaf Music is one of the sponsors of the local monthly music series, Girls to the Front. She also volunteered with the Stan Rogers Folk Festival in Nova Scotia for seven years.

Trish hosts The Brew on CKCU, a weekly campus-based community radio show on CKCU 93.1 FM. The show focuses on in-studio acoustic performances and interviews with artists living in or traveling through Ottawa.

The Brew on CKCU 93.1 FM, Mondays 7 to 8:30 am