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  1. Blue Ford Bronco
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Blue Ford Bronco

I remember a long time ago
BTO was playing on the radio
Singing along in my father's Ford Bronco
Sitting in the back seat looking out the window
Driving through the Gatineau Hills
The beauty of the moment seemed so surreal
We stopped for poutine outside of Low.
Oh how I miss my father's blue Bronco.

Back then we drove to my grandmother's house
My uncle and aunt live there now
Sugar cream pies and crispy pork rinds
Were always on the table when we arrived
I used to sit in her rocking chair
Or go out four wheelin' take in the open air
Until it was time to go
Go back home in my dad's Ford Bronco

Sometimes I would stay a few more days
Across the street at my aunt’s place
I thought she was really kind and fun
She always had candy and a great VHS collection
The Goonies, Robocop and Total Recall
Were my favourite ones of them all
And when it was time for me to go
We drove off in my dad's Ford Bronco

I thought there was no place we couldn't go
In my father's blue Ford Bronco