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  1. How Long
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How Long

Hearing you laugh by St Laurent Lake
brings back memories and eases my ache
Just got back, was out on the road
Making music with my friends on tour
Was thinking of you along the way
I'm glad we are together today
I helped you catch your first large mouth bass
I wish that moment forever would last

How long? How long?
Until you leap into my arms
How long? How long?
I'll call after sound check if I time
How long? How long?
The highway means money but keeps us apart
How long? How long?
At what cost the songwriter follows his heart?

Growing grim of my tired town
If I stay put too long I get myself down
My patient love waits for me at home
Tells me comforting words when we talk on the phone
Couple more hours before we take the stage
I'll no longer feel like I'm out of place
The Atlantic sky is hosting tonight
And by the seaside I can't help but wonder

How long, how long
I'll be home in twelve days; please dry your eyes
How long, how long
I look back and see you waving goodbye
How long, how long
Through a rainy window they watch me depart
How long, how long
At what cost a songwriter follows his heart?