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  1. The Monster

From the recording Undoubting Belief in the Good

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The Monster

I sing to no one
Up in the spire
And when I look down
I see only fire
What is there to be won
Will not hold any answer
The dream of a fool
Does not always bear anger

I can feel what is missing
Bound to grieve on the morrow
What keeps me within
Sadly buried in the burrow
I can’t shy away from hoping
Muddled unlike before
Tirelessly grappling with it
Pass me by once more

I had to build this bunker
In the depth of my heart
When I was a young boy
To keep afflictions afar
Everything I long for
Is on the other side
Dreading to be seen
Like the Hunchback of Notre Dame
Everything I worked for
Was to escape this life
Until I laid eyes on you
I had never stepped into the light